“They sound like a whole new band.”

-WMSE DJ J. d’Cell (Alternative Bliss)

Blues punk, be gone. The Violet Hour has gone in a whole new direction with a brand new guitarist in tow, now creating music characterized by dreamy guitar swells next to large, angry chords, bold female vocals, expressive basslines and propelling drums. Comprised of Karen Muehlbauer (vocals/synth), Kenneth Sabbar (guitar), Keith Bauer (bass) and Ignacio Catral (drums), The Violet Hour continues to draw inspiration from darker sounds and experiments with noise juxtaposed with catchy riffs and melodies.
Someone told us we sound like a mix of The Doors and Huey Lewis and the News. (Doesn’t that seem like a magical combination?) Others have said we remind them of Souixsie and the Banshees. Others, The Pretenders. We don’t necessarily agree or disagree. After all, what we sound like is in the ear of beholder. So, we’ll let you be the judge. 

Milwaukee Boat Line

Club Garibaldi, Bay View WI

Club Garibaldi, Bay View WI

Yield, Milwaukee WI

Taste of Wisconsin, Kenosha WI

Fizz, Chicago IL

Two Bucks Saloon, Milwaukee WI

Dragonfly Lounge, Madison WI

Summer Soulstice, Milwaukee WI

Franks Power Plant, Milwaukee WI

Franks Power Plant, Milwaukee WI

Riverwest Filling Station, Milwaukee WI

Riverwest Public House, Milwaukee WI